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I am Cat.

I am am a cancer-surviving, fun-loving, seize the moment, and fly kind of gal. Oh and yes I’m a butt-kicking Transformational Life Coach. Should I tell you more?

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Fly over that corporate ladder. Jump start your business or career. I will help you strategize your goals. Stop wasting money and start making money!

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Are you living with illness? Tired of just surviving? Pain is inevitable. Suffering is a choice. Take my hand and let’s transform you from surviving to thriving despite being ill.

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One day or day one? Your choices from this moment on will ignite your path to the result you so desire. Let’s co-create the life you want. Elevate yourself to greatness.

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“This is a bold and brave book. It’s one all women – and men – must read and learn from. Catherine Kontos’ candid account of her battle with cancer, the collapse of her marriage and the work it took to reinvent herself as a single mother and entrepreneur is powerful and inspiring. What Catherine understands, and you should too, is that wellness is about more than health – it’s about the community we build together.”

Julie Quenneville, McGill University Health Centre Foundation – President

In an instant, words can change your perspective on everything you ever knew to be true.

I am a resiliency Coach, speaker and author

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Fri, 22 November 2019, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM EST

Come celebrate,network and mingle with author/life and business coach Catherine Kontos on the launch of her book Soul Shaker.

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