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Let’s get started step by step on co-creating the journey that will bring you to the next level.

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Catherine has been in the personal growth industry for almost 20 years. She will teach you techniques that will steer you away from the behaviors that are keeping you stagnant to behaviors that will gravitate you to the life you desire.

Attract love, gain peace, build your career, make money.

Let’s take a look at your lifestyle choices and your techniques to attract everything you desire in life. 


Catherine is a cancer thriver. She fought the illness on her terms and was rewarded with her dream life. 

If you or a loved one is struggling with illness, she will help you not only survive but thrive despite the illness. 

Learn her strategies on resiliency and live beyond simply surviving. She will guide you to a life that’s free of suffering; replace fear with faith, hope, and gratitude. 


As a president of several companies, she knows first hand what employers want.

She can teach you the strategies to climbing the ladder like a boss. Get past a job mentality and watch your career transform from into a lifestyle.

Hire Catherine for your personal executive goal setting quests. 

Small Business Consultant

Catherine owns and operates several businesses. She will help you strategize and focus on your goals.

Move you from just “dreaming” to making the “dream” your reality. Let’s plant the money seed and watch your business grow. 

She can help you with your planning, marketing, branding, organizing, and so much more in launching your brand and/or service.

Mindfulness and Meditation Coaching

Catherine is trained in Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR). She will practice these techniques with you or your group.

This technique helps reduce clutter in one’s mind. Decision making will become easier, and will result to overall stress reduction. Leave from this experience feeling empowered.

Thrive by DesignTM

Pricing and Packages

  • Gold Member: 3-MONTH MEMBERSHIP  49.95$/week 
  • Platinum Member: 6-MONTH MEMBERSHIP 39.95$/week
  • Diamond Member: YEARLY MEMBERSHIP  29.95$/week 
  • Includes one 30-minute on-line or phone session per week. 
  • Unlimited Chatting
  • Discounted Masterclasses

*Memberships fill up fast and will close when full. All memberships are paid in full at the first appointment.

Executive Coaching for your Company

As a company, you need to inspire your employees to become more content, productive and loyal to the company and with each other. Create a thriving environment and team. Let’s inspire that growth to reach that next level.

Online Webinars/Mastermind Classes/Seminars both on-line and in-person available. Team building programs available.

Thrive by DesignTM Executive

Pricing and Packages

  • Gold Member: 3-MONTH MEMBERSHIP  69.95$/week 
  • Platinum Member: 6-MONTH MEMBERSHIP 59.95$/week
  • Diamond Member: YEARLY MEMBERSHIP  49.95$/week 
  • Includes one 30-minute on-line or phone session per week. 
  • Unlimited Chatting
  • Discounted Masterclasses

Limited memberships. Acquire yours now!

Event Speaker and Influencer

When I speak to the dreamers, the doers and the shakers, an inevitable burst of inspiration is experienced at that moment, that transcends beyond the four walls and into their lives.

Hire me to speak at your next event 


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