Meet Catherine

A multi-passionate transformational coach, entrepreneur, speaker, and author.

Award-Winning Scholar, Business, Achiever

Who’s Cat?

I’m am a cancer-surviving, fun-loving, seize the moment, and fly kind of gal. Oh and yes I’m a butt-kicking Transformational Life Coach.

Together we will co-create the life you have always wanted. Let’s find your purpose and transform your life. I will guide you to manifest everything you have ever wanted to become your NEW reality

How did I get here?

When I faced death and experienced that feeling of “This is it?”, “I’m going to die?”, in that instant, I realized I had never lived. That was also the same moment the fire inside me ignited my every second with gratitude and a relentless fierceness to live a meaningful and incredibly fulfilling life. One that’s driven with purpose and not fear. 

I live my life out-of-the-box. What does that mean? For as long as I can remember I had a passion for many unrelated interests: art, design, psychology, health, spirituality, philanthropy, real estate, entrepreneurship, speaking; the list goes on and continues to grow. I consider my multi-passionate lifestyle an asset to my ever-growing coaching business.

How can I help you?

“Your choices from this moment on will ignite your path to the result you so desire”

 First ingredient: Your 100% complete dedication to your personal growth. No exceptions. 

For almost two decades, my relentless curiosity with human behavior has always been at the forefront of all my aptitudes. The human mind has the potential to break a person or leap them into a life full of abundance. My talent lies in breaking patterns of behavior that hurt you, then creating a system that will help you supercharge your life.


Is your life not moving forward the way you would like? Let’s uplift your life and get you where you want to be despite any challenge.


Catherine is a cancer thriver. She fought the illness on her terms and was rewarded with her dream life. 

If you or a loved one is struggling with illness, she will help you not only survive but thrive despite the illness. 

Learn her strategies on resiliency and live beyond simply surviving.  She will guide you to a life that’s free of suffering; replace fear with faith, hope, and gratitude. 


As a president of several companies, she knows first hand what employers want.

She can teach you the strategies to climbing the ladder like a boss. Get past the “job” mentality and watch your career transform from a job into a lifestyle.

Hire Catherine for your personal executive goal setting quests. 


Catherine owns and operates several businesses. She will help you strategize and focus on your goals.

Move you from just “dreaming” to making the “dream” your reality. Let’s plant the money seed and watch your business grow. 

She can help you with your planning, marketing, branding, organizing, and so much more in launching your brand and/or service.


When I speak to the dreamers, the doers and the shakers, an inevitable burst of inspiration is experienced at that moment, that transcends beyond the four walls and into your life. 

Hire and Inspire me to speak at your next event.

Check out my book!

Soul Shaker – A Whirlwind Awakening

My Naked Truth of Resilience Beyond the Scar.