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Today on StrippedBare FM we have the pleasure of talking to Teresa Picciano.

She is a:

  • Screenplay writer, producer and lead actor of the short film entitled “Fifty-five
  • Lead actor in Tad Mozel’s play “Impromptu”
  • Actor for the award-winning original TV series “19-2” 
  • Lead actor in a play named “Carma” at the Fringe Festival
  • Columnist, reporter and TV host for MAtv.

Teresa’s inspirational story:

In this episode, Teresa shares her story of how her life and mindset changed direction at the age of 50 and how that change inspired her to quit a very well-paying job in communications and go after her dreams. 

In this interview, Teresa reveals that she was diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer. That diagnosis shook her reality and awakened to pursue her passion, which was acting.

Now she is a successful actress, producer and screenplay writer. She speaks about the challenges in this industry and how she managed to go through all the struggles and rejections.

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