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How do you get over being viciously raped as a child and then becoming an inspirational force that creates a movement against sexual assault? 

Please welcome Maria Trusa, the author and creator of “Yo Digo No Mas” (“I Say No More”), which is also the name of the movement. A movement in breaking the silence in the Latino community of all who have been sexually abused. 

Maria is also the CEO of Formé Medical Center & Urgent Care, a medical center providing dignified healthcare to undocumented communities. 

Maria Trusa’s inspirational Story: 

In this episode, Maria is sharing with us her story about her childhood rape at the very early age of nine. A trauma that destroyed her childhood and almost cost her life. She speaks of shame, abandonment, alcoholism, courage, and a determination to heal. 

In this interview, Maria walks us through her path, from abuse to forgiveness and from trauma to healing. How she managed to gather all her forces to overcome her pain and be a role model for inspiration and success. 

As a listener, you will get insight into her pain and inspiration from her success. You will also leave this podcast with strategies to heal and ways to regain your power back from the abusers. 


Maria Trusa 




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