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Today, on Stripped Bare FM we have the pleasure of talking to Petrona Joseph, Media Personality, Blogger and Author. Petrona has worked with local prestigious brands, has served on many charity boards and remains heavily involved in philanthropy. 

Petrona’s inspirational story:

In this episode, Petrona shares with us her turbulent childhood journey that propagated her into a life of dysfunction through her younger years. At the age of three, her mother passed away which would be the beginning of her troubles. Going from home to home, and living with different families throughout the years caused tremendous instability and insecurity. The repeated difficulties caused inner turmoil, with panic attacks and depression as outer symptoms.  

Listen to the episode to learn more about Petrona’s strategies in recognizing and overcoming Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This, all while becoming an influencer and successful woman.

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