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Today, on Stripped Bare FM, we have the pleasure of talking to D’angelo Thompson. He is a makeup artist and groomer in fashion for film and television for over two decades. He is a three time Daytime Emmy nominated hair and makeup artist and guest hair Daytime Emmy Award winner for the Wendy William show

D’angelo Thompson is the author of “A 100 days of Gratitude”: Gratitude (1) (Gratitude Is A Journey) by Learn more: A book about how to to inject purpose, awareness, and unshakeable joy in all aspects of your life.

He is also the podcast host of “Gratitude is a Journey”

His credits include: Law and Order: SVU, MTV, VH1, The Food Network, Joe Mangano and James Patterson.

In this episode, D’angelo shares with us his journey in the beauty industry. A life full of glam and starts. Working with many big names both in the fashion and film industry. Although this life appears abundant to some, D’angelo was in a race to do more, never appreciating the moment. Then suddenly a life event made him stop to observe his life as it was. This action brought him to the place of gratitude he is today.

D'angelo reveals that he had been working so hard for so long that he gradually started feeling his powers fading away. His body gave up on him. He had no choice but to stop. He stepped away from the job to recover both physically and mentally and since then his perspective of life has changed forever.

It’s the journey that brought him to live a life full of gratitude and he is thankful for all the little things in his every day. He now takes time for himself to explore and live new experiences. He hopes that by his example he inspires others to live with gratitude, such that they will never again take anything for granted. Listen to the episode to learn more about D’angelo’s inspirational story and strategies. Let us know how much you are enjoying the show. Rate and review before the next episode!

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