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Today, on Stripped Bare FM, we have the pleasure of talking to Aaron Ellis, who was a recording artist for both Sony and Warner Brothers. Now, he is a visionary dad-preneur, singer, song writer, author and inspirational speaker, based in Los Angeles, California.

Aaron’s inspirational story:

From a very young age, Aaron was innately attracted to music as most are but at a much higher degree. He was so passionate about music that it encompassed him every day. Aaron became a professional musician at the age of 11 and his journey in the music industry was born. A dream come true you would think, and it was until it wasn’t. What if you spent your life living your dream only to realize it was never your true purpose?

His journey in the music industry was very difficult and arduous. In this interview, Aaron reveals his hardships from being defrauded of his money, having his equipment stolen and having been sexually assaulted and harassed. These trying times broke him into pieces. Pieces that he left behind and shifted the hardships to lessons and pivoted his purpose to one led by inspiration in helping others.

Now, he is an inspirational speaker, mentor, author, and full-time dad. Listen to the episode to learn more about Aaron’s inspirational story and how he made it from adversity to a purpose-driven life. Let us know how much you are enjoying the show. Rate and review before the next episode.

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