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Today, Confessions launches its first-ever episode on Stripped Bare FM with Melanie Jade Boulerice. She is the CEO of Nomadic Nurse Agency

In this episode, Melanie confesses to the world her traumatic experience of being sexually assaulted at the age of 21 when she was a student nurse.

In this interview, Melanie walks us through that night, when she went out with a group of friends and she ended up intoxicated and reveals to us she was sexually assaulted. She shares with us her story of how that man took advantage of her, and how she managed to overcome her trauma on her own. The journey made more difficult because no one believed her and she couldn’t find the support she needed. Self-blame, shame, and doubt prevented her from pressing charges at the time. It’s something that many victims experience. It shaped her future, only to make her stronger. Her brave decision to come on Confessions is a step forward in empowering others to stop the silence and take their power back.

Now, she is a successful woman and entrepreneur. Hopefully, other people who are going through something similar will get inspired by her courage and decide to speak out and not live in secret. Listen to the episode to learn more about Melanie’s inspirational story. Let us know how much you are enjoying the show. Rate and review before the next episode!

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