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Today, on StrippedBare fm, we have the privilege of talking to Zohaib Aziz, the managing Director at Canada’s #1 Recruitment Agency, Simplex HR.

He is also the co - host of “It’s Simple Podcast”

Zohaib’s inspirational story:

In this episode, Zohaib is sharing with us the tragic blow life threw him at a very young age. He was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer when he was twenty-two years old, but eventually  managed to show cancer who is in charge! Within 3 years of his diagnosis, he started a human resources company which became the #1 HR company in the Greater Toronto Area.

In this interview, Zohaib reveals how he felt ill for a long time and he kept being misdiagnosed until he was finally diagnosed with cancer. He says that we mustn’t take anything for granted and just like we accept a birthday, we have to accept that death is inevitable. With that stoic prospect of life, he achieved to move forward and used his adversity, as a fuel to become the successful and inspirational man he is today.

As a listener, you will join Zohaib’s journey and be inspired to overcome every obstacle that may come in your way. As Zohaib says “there is nothing in life that is ever gonna stop me! The only obstacle is our mindset.”

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