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Today on Stripped Bare FM, we have the pleasure of talking with Jo Hawkins. She is the founder of Phindile foundation and CEO of Influencer Magazine.  She is a master coach, a master facilitator, and an international speaker. Jo Hawkins is also the co-author of the book “Power Within: The Mission and The Magic” and she is based in the United Arab Emirates.

Jo’s inspirational story:
In today’s episode, Jo shares with us her story about her vision to help people in their businesses and lives and explains what led her to live the great life she is living now. Her journey began with her exceptional mother, who taught her to care and love others. She trained Jo to use the power of the brain in reducing pain and healing both her mind and body. 
As a child, she was in a tragic accident that left her with serious injuries. Doctors were advising her to amputate but with the help of her mom’s training, she avoided amputation and kept her arm. 

She eventually worked as a nurse. This is where her inspirational journey as a humanitarian began. She found a newborn baby that was HIV positive and had been deprived of human touch and was stagnant in growth and not thriving. Her name was Phindile. Jo’s attention and love transformed this baby and she began to thrive. 

From that moment on, Jo Hawkins was clear. She is now a successful and inspirational woman. She always knew that her mission is to help and inspire others. 

Listen to the episode to learn more about Jo’s inspirational story and her strategies on neuro transformations and The Law of Attraction. Let us know how much you are enjoying the show. Rate and review before the next episode!

Jo Hawkins



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