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Hello everyone and welcome to episode 0 of Stripped bareFM. I would like to introduce myself to all those who are listening and are curious to know a little more about me.

So please take a listen as I reveal to you my stripped bare story.

I am an entrepreneur, a life and business strategist, a speaker, a retreat organizer, and a philanthropist. I am also the author of Soul Shaker: A whirlwind awakening. All that I do has one purpose in common. Inspiring others to achieve their personal and business goals. That’s me now but that took a lot of failures, breakups, and a daily ritual of learning something new for the past 20 plus years.

I knew early on that sometimes we just need to stop, re-evaluate, and go for our dreams. In my late 20’s, I sold a very successful business. Soon after I got pregnant but unfortunately, I miscarried. It’s at that moment, I decided to go back to school and study psychology. To be honest, I did not care if I did anything with the degree. I just wanted to learn and achieve a University degree, something that hadn’t happen as of yet in my family. I knew I just loved knowing everything about the mind and human behavior. My focus was on consumer behavior and marketing. With this knowledge under my belt, I was able to go back to the business world and negotiate some of the best business deals in the next few years. Meanwhile, I was also practicing as a counselor at an addictions center as well as at the hospital. Oh, and did I mention that I had just become a mom. I was doing it all. Eventually, I wanted to combine my experiences into one. I started an addiction and mental health luxury rehab. Not too long after I opened, I started feeling ill which led me to close the doors, and my dreams to this business. I was devastated. This was just the beginning of my nightmare. Soon after I closed, I was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of stage 3 cancer. Now it all made sense… Fatigue, loss of weight, and so many other symptoms. My body was screaming bloody hell for months, but I just assumed it was the stress of opening a business.

In desperation, I started a business on my laptop while I was undergoing multiple surgeries. I’m proud to say, it ended up being an award-winning business.

Have you heard the saying everything comes in threes? My life was not an exception. My marriage ended in divorce while undergoing chemo. Please do not feel bad for me because this is where I was Stripped bare of everything. I was left with the bare shell of my cocoon. Just when I thought my life was ending. I transformed into my most beautiful life. A life of flight, discovery, and purpose.

Since I have spoken at many events. I have coached many, in both life and business, I have launched new businesses, organized events, and retreats, I have remarried and I am now hosting my own podcast.

Best regards,

Catherine Kontos 

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